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If you are an aspiring writer or want to start your own writing career, it can be a tricky situation. Unless you already have the skills, then you are good to go.

Problem is, no matter how good you are, having a freelancing career is way different from the corporate world. It will be hard to land a writing gig if you do not have something to showcase your talent.

That’s where we come in. I have observed that most of the Filipino writers struggle from getting hired due to lack of experience. Their resumes and cover letters may look good, however, when it comes into writing an article as a sample to the client, that’s where they go wrong.

What to do when a prospective client ask for my sample article?

1. Never ask if it will get paid.

Sure we need to secure ourselves so that we can get paid from the work we did. But the thing is, many of us cannot resist the urge to ask for the money right away.

Remember, you are still in the process of getting hired. Just lay off the pricing questions later during the interview. It is a big turn off if you ask this right away.

2. Stop doing untimely follow-ups.

I know, you are excited to start right away. However, making a follow-up every day or even every hour can piss your future client off. You may be qualified but they might think that you are already demanding.

Most of the clients are businessmen and they are too busy. That’s the reason why they are hiring freelancers. They need people who they can trust a part of their business operations. In short, they do not have time for your questions or follow up while they are in the process of hiring people.

3. Make sure to follow the project guidelines.

The guidelines are there for you to follow. It is not your article you are writing anymore. The client will decide what will be the tone for the topic. You are a Ghost Writer! This will not be under your name as an author.

If the client wants you to write a 500-word article, do it! Also, include the details that they want you to mention. That way, you will have a higher chance of getting hired than getting a rejection.

4. Always over-deliver.

The project asked for a 300-word article, make it more than that. Do not cut your word count just because they will only be paying for the 300. There are articles that cannot be cut short. It is best to reach the word count and exceed a little.

5. Avoid Word-Stuffing

A good writer will never stuff useless word or phrases just to reach the word count requirement. Use a thesaurus if you are running out of vocabulary.

Also, make sure to submit a close to perfect article. It should free from plagiarism, spelling or typographical errors and/or, grammatical errors. You can always just install Grammarly to help you out with this.

I know for a fact that nobody’s perfect. Even professional writers can make mistakes. But they do self-editing to correct their work before letting it go out there.

Make sure to also have the right attitude. Rejection is part of being a writer. Deal with it! Upgrading yourself after a failure can make you a different and an improved version of yourself.


The Rich Thinker is now offering a Writing Internship Program to help aspiring writers to succeed in their writing career.

Yes, it’s FREE! You do not have to pay for anything. We just need your commitment and dedication to this program so that we can give you a one on one coaching and feedback.

Please subscribe to this site and mention “I WANT TO BE A WRITER” to the comment section below to get enrolled automatically. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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