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The Revival from WattPad

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Yes, I finally did it! After four years of procrastinating to finish this short story, I finally made it. This is now available on Wattpad and you can read it for free. This is a story that is close to my heart since I started it when I decided that I will continue my journey as a writer.

So how do you write your own book?

It’s easier said than done. It’s also like writing a blog but if you are aiming to write a fiction themed story, you need to make the characters to come alive. They have to also engage in a conversation like what we usually do in real life.

I also have two books published in Amazon now. You can also check it out since it is already in their library. The first one is called, “How I Become a Freelance Writer” and the other one is titled as this blog, “The Rich Thinker”. These are available in e-book and the later, you can order it in paperback.

It’s funny how things can happen all of a sudden. I am still trying to finish these books when I applied for another home-based writer position in a company. If you are a Freelancer, you need to keep on looking for prospective clients all the time. But then they did not hire me. I guess I’m just not a good fit from what they are looking for.

The point is, when you get rejected, keep on writing. One failure doesn’t take you off the writer’s list. You are a writer no matter what. All you have to do is to keep on practicing and time will come, you will get better and better. You can master all the writing techniques over time and before you know it, you are somebody’s favorite author already.

My journey as a writer is still far from others but I am making sure that I keep on writing every day to polish my skills. Plus it’s easier now since you can just use Grammarly or other tools to correct your spellings and grammar if you’re worried about that part.

Your idea and imagination are your most powerful tool. A lot of English masters don’t even have a blog. They can write in perfect grammar, punctuations and the works but they didn’t bother writing their own book. In my case, it’s applicable. I never read any one of my English professors works online. How about you?

So don’t get bothered if people ignored what you have written. Maybe it’s just not for them. I read almost everything from tech to DIYs, you name it! But not everybody can be like me. Maybe there are more like me who will read any type of blog as long as it is interesting. That’s going to be our best shot.

If you want to be heard and voice your opinion, just go ahead and write! If you are a natural-born writer, you will learn the ways how to realize that dream. Don’t lose hope.

That’s the reason they are creating tools and software nowadays. Use it to your advantage. Challenge yourself and you might end up having books in Amazon for sale as well.

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