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Tea Wedding Theme for 2020

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Since it’s Valentines Day, some people probably are proposing today. The question is, are you ready to get hitched anytime soon? If you answered “YES” to that wedding proposal, then it’s time to think about wedding preparations. Even if you are planning to do it after a year or become a June bride for 2020, don’t panic. We have a fresh new idea for your upcoming wedding.

Tea is one of the most popular drinks all over the world. Since it has a lot of health benefits, more people prefer to have their tea instead of other beverages. With so many types and variants, it is now being used as a wedding favor. It’s the best gift for tea lovers.

Tea Weddings Theme

Tea wedding themes are becoming the wedding trend nowadays. It seems that regular tea is not just your favorite anymore. Giving a tea wedding gift is welcome for the newlyweds. It can also be a good tea gift for wedding guests as well.

Most weddings prefer to have a theme to make it easier for them to mix and match everything. If you’re a tea lover as a couple, then a tea wedding theme is the best way to go. You can adapt to the tea party set to guide you along the way.

1. Tea Bags Wedding Favors

Tea bags wedding favors are getting more popular nowadays. All you need is a good tea bag and just customize it for your wedding favors.

  • What’s Good About Them

The best thing about tea bags is that you can pack them separately. You can use it as a tea gift for wedding guests to extend your gratitude by being part of your special day. It’s also an affordable giveaway for your wedding which tea lovers will appreciate.

  • Wedding Favor Packaging

Teabags are also nice with the personalized wedding favor packaging. It’s the best way to thank your guests for coming. There are also a lot of designs to choose from. Or better yet, create your own design so that each of your guests will remember your wedding day as they sip into the hot tea from you.

  • Personalized Wedding Favors

Teabags are easy to prepare and are also an affordable personalized wedding favors. It’s the best souvenir and a giveaway since it can also be consumed. Instead of just gathering dust like the other wedding favors, your wedding guests can actually enjoy it.

2. Loose Tea Leaf Wedding Favors

This is another popular wedding favors for tea lovers. The loose leaf tea can be a great idea to give away as a wedding favor. Just choose a cute container and personalized it.

  •  Why Not Tea Bags

The loose leaf tea is another best way to make a more personalized tea wedding gift. Compared with a teabag, you can have the loose tea leaf to be in a vial or other cute container. This is a great tea gift for wedding guests to enjoy.

  • Wedding Favor  Packaging

When it comes to wedding favor packaging, you can be more creative with the loose leaf tea. Instead of just having just a serving, you can add more to make 3-4 servings per container. You can add a label with your names and your wedding date for those guests to remember your big day.

  • Personalized Wedding Favors

Having loose leaf tea as a gift for tea lovers is a great option since it can have more servings of tea in one tea gift for wedding guests. It’s also a good souvenir that can double as a mini yea container. That’s the best way for your friends and family to remember your wedding.

3. Teacup Wedding Favors

Teacup wedding favors is a useful giveaway for your wedding guests. Not only it reminds them of your special moments but they can use it during their tea time.
  • Tea Cup Set Wedding Favors

Having a teacup set wedding favors is also a great idea to gift tea lovers. It’s an elegant way as a tea gift wedding. The teacup set wedding favors can also be a good wedding souvenir.

  • How to Personalize Wedding Tea Cups

You can personalize wedding teacups and add designs for the specific event. If it’s going to be a gift for the newlyweds, you can include their names on it. If you will have it as a gift for wedding guests, you can add the wedding details for them to remember that special occasion.

4. Tea Spoon Wedding Favors

Giving away a teaspoon as wedding favors is also a good idea. You can engrave the couple’s name and wedding date as a reminder of this event. Then the guest can also use it when they have their tea instead of just displaying it to their cupboards.

  •  Personalized Tea Spoons

If you are planning to have teaspoons as your wedding give away, you can also have it customized. You can easily order them in bulk and choose a design that will perfectly fit your idea of the tea gift for wedding guests.

5. Teapot Wedding Favor

Another great tea wedding gift is to give tea lovers a teapot. It can be either western or eastern teapots. Just make sure it will fit the couple you will give it as a wedding gift.

  • Western Teapot

Western teapots can be the best tea wedding gift for a couple who loves tea. This way, they can start with their teapot collection. 

  • Eastern Teapots

This type of teapot can add a Middle Eastern feel to any home. It’s a good tea wedding gift for tea lovers. They can either display it along with their tea collection.

  • Choosing the Right Pot

Choosing the right pot for a wedding ceremony is critical. So you have to be careful with the style and where it’s supposed to be used.

  • Teapot for Wedding Tea Ceremony

This wedding tea ceremony symbolizes purity, tranquility, harmony, and respect. The teapot should also possess these characteristics depending on the culture.

  • Teapot Centerpiece for Wedding

The teapot centerpiece for a wedding can be repurposed as a flower base. It will give a nice theme for a tea wedding.

  • Teapot Wedding Favor Packaging & Personalization

For teapot wedding favors, it can be packed with other gifts inside. You can add your favorite tea to share with your wedding guests.

6. Tea Strainer Wedding Favors

Tea strainer can also be a great idea for a wedding. This is great for loose leaf tea any tea lovers will surely love.

7. Tea Infuser Wedding Favors

A tea infuser can be a personalized tea gift for wedding guests. It can also come in different shapes and styles. Just choose the best one to remind them of your wedding.

  •  Personalized heart tea infuser

The personalized heart tea infuser can have a romantic feel you can giveaway for your wedding. It’s a very cute and usable wedding souvenir as well for tea lovers like you.

  • Personalized tea infuser bottle

You can personalize this tea infuser bottle by printing the name of your guest. It’s a great way to thank them for their attendance. It can be repurposed as a water bottle as well.

8. Tea Towel Wedding Favors

It’s the best thank you gift for your wedding guest. This will also remind them of the good memories of your wedding. It’s also a good addition to their tea collection.

  • Personalized Tea Towels

You can have personalized tea towels by having a customized message printed on it. This can be a reminder of your special event and also a message of how grateful you are for them to share it with you.

9. Tea Light Wedding Favors

Having a tea scented candle is also another great idea for your tea wedding favors. You can choose different tea scents to have tea gifts for wedding guests. It’s also a good table design for your wedding reception.

10. Tea Set Wedding Favors

A tea set wedding favors can be a great give away for tea lovers. You can add a variety of tea sampler for your guests to enjoy. It’s also best to fill the tea set with colorful tea packages that you can customize.

11. Sweet Tea Wedding Favors

The sweet tea wedding favors can remind your wedding guests for your special day. It’s a great tea wedding gift for tea lovers. This can also be a good wedding favor to give away to your guests. Since sweet tea is a more popular type of iced tea, it will be a good wedding favors for younger guests. You can just have different varieties to make sure that everyone will have their own.

12. Tea & Honey Wedding Favors

A sweeter way to give tea gifts for wedding guests. The tea and honey combo will remind them of a couple who loves tea. They can also add honey to their tea with the couple’s name on it. This is a great wedding favor that your guests will surely love. The tea and honey wedding favors can also be good for the cold season. Which means your guests will have their home remedy at the same time.

13. Tea and Biscuit Wedding Favors

Having an edible wedding favors is the best way to have a unique giveaway. It’s like giving them an emergency tea party kit. Plus the biscuit will be a nice pair to tea and you can also personalize them. Make it heart shape with your names to remind the guests of your sweet life event. Tea and biscuit wedding favors can be a unique takeaway. For sure, your wedding guests will get an idea of these wedding favors.

Tea Welcome Gift

Since there are people who can’t seem to get enough of their tea, this will be the best welcome gift as well. Just add several tea blends for tea lovers to enjoy. You can put herbal tea blends for your older guests. Make it customized by making a DIY gift wrap. There are free printables online to accentuate your welcome gift to make it more special.

Personalized Tea Wedding Favors

Having a tea wedding theme should also have personalized tea wedding favors. It will separate your tea wedding from the rest. Since you can have everything customized, that tea wedding is just for you. If you are planning to give out teacups, find a colorful cup the same as your wedding theme. Fill it with tea bags or loose tea leaves for your wedding guests to enjoy. You can add a message in every tea package as well so that you can rely on the message strictly for each person.

  • Custom Tea Packaging

You can order customized tea packaging from your wedding coordinator. Better yet, design the tea packaging on your own. It can be printed out the way you want to have it packaged. Just add personal quotes as well for your guests to remember your special day. You can also choose different colors for it. This will look better than the generic packaging and more customized. Plus a custom tea packaging can impress anyone who will receive it.

  •  Tea Wedding Favor Packaging

It’s all up to you what you will include on your tea wedding favor packaging. You can also have it personalized as per guest’s preference so do your research. You can have a survey before your wedding to know what tea they prefer. This way, you can make your wedding guests feel their importance for your big day.

  •  Tea Wedding Favor Tags

The tea wedding favor tags should complete the message you would like to include in your souvenirs. You can also label it with your tea wedding guests’ names. It’s an easy way to make sure that the tea wedding favors will not go to the wrong recipient. Plus having the tags will make your tea wedding favors to look more special.

  • Tea Wedding Favor Quotes

It can be a simple thank you message or you can also make out a unique tea wedding favor quotes. Just make it warm and sincere. If you want to create your own unique quote, feel free to do so. It’s all about customizing your tea wedding favors so that you can have it to be as unique and customized for your wedding alone.

  • DIY Tea Wedding Favors

Since DIY tea wedding favors are all over the internet, you can find how to do it yourself. It will be more personalized and affordable at the same time. If you are the crafty type of couple, you can share both of your ideas and designs. That way, you can make sure that your DIY tea wedding favors will be from your vision as a couple. The guests will appreciate your wedding favors more.

Benefits of Tea Wedding Favors

Going for tea wedding favors can be a practical way to give as a gift for your tea wedding guests. Since it’s edible, it can be consumed instead of gathering dust like other types of wedding favors. The usual wedding figurines are no longer in. So having tea wedding favors can benefit both you and the receiver. 

  •  Infinite Varieties of Tea

There are a lot of infinite varieties of tea you can choose from. You can go for green tea, black tea, herbal tea, oolong tea, etc. The list of tea varieties is endless. You can choose which type of tea will describe you as a couple. It’s part of having a customized tea wedding favors. Just find the perfect tea that you want to give as a thank you gift for your wedding guests.

  • Practical Wedding Favors

Giving away practical wedding favors can make your guests remember your special event whenever they use it. Tea wedding favors will be the best way to go to remind your guests that it’s from your wedding. Since it’s a type of drink as well, it’s a practical way of giving out wedding favors. They can drink it after some time and remember about your special event. 

Tea as Wedding Favor Keepsakes

You can never go wrong with tea as a wedding favor keepsakes. Since it has a long shelf life, it can be consumed even at a later time after your wedding day. It will not go to waste like any other wedding favors. They can keep the customized packaging and drink the tea inside it.

18. Tea Wedding Gifts 

The best tea wedding gifts to give to the wedding couple is the teapot set. Since it symbolizes harmony, tranquility, and other traits. It’s the best gift for the wedding couple who are tea lovers. This can also be a good addition to their new home as they build their own family. It’s a great reminder for them of their wedding vows for a more harmonious relationship through time.

Other Occasions Tea Gifts Are Good For

Tea gifts are not just for tea weddings but you can also go for it with other occasions. Since there are a lot of tea drinkers around, tea can be a perfect gift in every life event as well. Tea can promote good health for everyone. So if you wish someone to be healthier, it will be the best gift you can give them.

  •  Bridal Shower Tea Party Favors

Since the tea party is one of the girl’s games when they were little, you can extend it up to your bridal shower. You can then enjoy your bridal shower with a tea party favors from your guests. You can also serve different tea varieties for everyone to enjoy.

  • Bachelorette Tea Party Favors

The bachelorette tea party favors can be as simple as a pack of different tea varieties. You can even include some cookies for a better tea party feel. You can give tea to help the bride-to-be to get more relaxed and stay away from the anxiety from the wedding preparations. It’s the best drink to calm the nerves so that the brode will look fresh and beautiful on her wedding day.

  •  Tea Corporate Gifts

Tea can also be a great corporate gift. Tea lovers will appreciate this gesture of receiving these gifts from their company or coworkers. Most corporate events give out pens as a souvenir. But giving tea as a corporate gift can provide a more relaxed atmosphere. Since tea can also promote better health, it’s best to give your employees tea. 

  •  Retirement Tea Gift Ideas

When someone announced that they are already retiring, it’s best to give them tea as a retirement gift. It’s a simple gift but will be appreciated more by tea lovers. Tea is also a more affordable gift for someone who already has everything. You don’t have to give a very expensive gift. Your gesture of wishing them good health is enough to please anyone who retires from work.

  •  Gifts for Tea Lovers

Giving a gift for tea lovers can be endless. Aside from a variety of tea, you can also give them teacups, teapots, teaspoons, or better yet, give them the entire tea set. Tea lovers will love anything that has to do with making tea. A whole package of tea will lift them soaring high since they can have more tea to enjoy.


Having a tea wedding is a unique way to show how much of a tea lover you are as a couple. Since it symbolizes good things for your married life, it’s important that you can go all out with it already. From your wedding entourage to the reception, have it all decorated with teapots and flowers. Your wedding giveaways should also end it with the guests owning a tea wedding favors. This is how everyone who shares this once in a lifetime event will remember your vows and great memories on your wedding day.

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