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Our Trip to Surfside, San Juan, La Union

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San Juan, La Union is the surfing capital of the Philippines. Nice trivia and good to know. But this place is the first thing that came up to my mind when I have decided to quit living in Baguio City. I am so into starting to become a full-pledged Digital Nomad.

We arrived there around 6am on October. The sun hasn’t come out yet. So we can see a good sunrise on the beach after staying in the mountains for quite sometime. But after that Deluxe Bus, we need to start out day with some breakfast. Where else to go bit 7-Eleven! 

After having coffee for me, hot chocolate for the girls and some hotdog sandwich, we are ready to go to the beach. We even brought our own tent so we can do some camping while enjoying the beach. The accommodation costs will be lesser since we are in a not so luxurious budget. 

We walked the on the sand as the sun rise takes effect. We need to find a good spot before anything else of course. But it seems that some people around there are not so accommodating. I asked where can we set up the tent but that lady keeps on pushing to sell their overpriced cottages. She said it’s 1,500Php for overnight stay. All for an ugly long table and some broken chairs. No thanks! 

As we keep on walking, there were two helpful gentlemen who asked us what are we looking for. So I mentioned to them that we just need a spot where we can build our tent. They were nice enough to point us to the direction where you can actually just camp out! The lady earlier  said camping is not allowed. Go figure! 

After thanking the guys for their help, we continued walking to the camping site. When we arrived there after walking for 5 minutes, we try to negotiate about the rent. The old guy which happens to be the owner said that it’s 100 pesos for overnight. Whoa! That’s a great deal. If we listened to that lady, we have to pay 1,500Php compared to 100Php for camping. That’s why we brought our own tent so we can experience camping.

After building our tent with the help of a nice surfer guy we met there, we are ready to have our dip! It’s good that the camping site is where you can swim and play around the water. The middle part is where you can actually surf since the waves are getting higher in every minute. We went there to take a dip so I guess it all ends well still after all! 

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