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Got Caught By An Invisible Thread

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Being a Writer is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of people will crash your hopes and dreams just because of your sample article. A potential client will nag you about not following instructions and they are not even paying you yet for your article.

I have this rejected article from my recent proposal. Since these are the format and details provided, I just followed it. However, it seems that I found a cranky client who seems to know everything.

If they are so good about writing, then why not write the articles themselves? Anyway, I just have to post this in case that “client” tried using my sample article for his own gain.

Here’s the topic that was requested.

Product Review for SINGER Clear Nylon Thread

5 Key Features

  1. 100% clear nylon thread.
  1. Invisible thread to match any colored fabrics.
  1. Works well with machine quilting, crafts, and home decoration.
  1. High strength nylon thread perfect for beaded jewelry.
  1. It contains 135 yards of nylon thread in each spool.

Brand Description

SINGER is a well-known brand when it comes to sewing needs. Therefore, it is one of the trusted brands especially if you are looking for an invisible nylon thread. It’s a must-have for quilting, embroidery, and even making beaded jewelry.

Product Description

SINGER 260 Clear Nylon Thread is an invisible thread that you can use for your home projects. Since it’s a strong clear thread, it will be good for sewing colored fabrics. That way, you no longer need to worry about what color of thread to use. It’s an invisible nylon thread that is not noticeable so you can make a seamless quilt as well. It’s also good for sewing hems especially if you don’t have a thread of the same color as the fabric. 

If you are into making beaded jewelry, this clear nylon thread will also be perfect. The high strength thread will hold the beads into place to create a good design. This thread Is low on stretch so that you can easily string beads perfectly making your beaded jewelry to look great. You can enjoy creating crafts and quilting more since the invisible thread can make everything look flawlessly perfect.

You will get two spools of this clear nylon thread as well to help you save money. Since each spool contains 135 yards of invisible thread, you can use it for more of your home projects. Enjoy making your crafts since you can have more than enough clear thread to use. It’s a perfect addition to your thread collection without breaking the bank. Since it’s affordable and you can get two spools already, it will be a great value for your money. 

The Benefits of the Product

  • Invisible nylon thread to hide sewing imperfections.
  • Strong nylon thread can hold beads and keep them in place.
  • It can be used with machine quilting and don’t worry about using different colored threads.
  • Great value for your money since you can get two spools with 135 yards nylon thread per spool.

Reasons to Buy It

1. Durable Nylon Material

It’s a thin thread yet durable enough to hold beads to make fancy jewelry designs. Good for quilting without the thread breaking.

2. Affordable

You can get two sets of invisible nylon threads. It’s the best thread to use for quilting and you can use it with any color of fabrics that need sewing.

3. Good for Beginners

It’s the best clear thread for beginners in sewing since it will not show glaring sewing mistakes. Since the Singer thread is invisible, it will just blend with the fabric.

How to Use It

Using the clear nylon thread is easy. All you have to do is to just insert one end to the needle hole. Once it’s in place, you can decide the length you need to use. Tie the ends of the thread and start your sewing project. You can use it with any colored fabrics and enjoy sewing.


Amazon product reviews have been my forte since I started content writing. However, the writing style may vary depending on the requester. The thing is, don’t nag writers who are just trying to make a living! You’re not even paying them yet to tell them that they cannot follow instructions. You can at least be nice about it and just move on if that Writer is not a good fit.

Sure, rejection is part of being a Writer especially if you are trying to find better projects. But sometimes, it seems that it’s better to just stick with a not so high rate content rate. At least nobody will nag you about it.

How about you? Do you have any experiences like this before?

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