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7 Coffee for People Who Don’t Like Coffee

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If you feel as if you wake up from the wrong side of bed, drink a hot cup of coffee. That’s the best way to perk up your day. The thing is, you are not fond of drinking coffee. You don’t like how it tastes like especially if it’s black. 

In this  world where almost everybody likes coffee, it’s hard to understand why there are still some  people who don’t like it. You can’t blame them since everybody has different tastes. It’s hard to get the point when you love coffee so much but your friends hate it.

If you are one of the few people who doesn’t like the taste of coffee, it’s hard to force yourself to it. However,  if you want to have a little boost to get more energized having coffee is your best bet. You can still have coffee without it’s signature taste.

7 Types Coffee for People Who Don’t Like Coffee

1.Caramel Macchiato

This drink can help you with you get your java fix without tasting the coffee in it. It’s made from steamed milk and topped with espresso and milk foam. It’s blended to create a layer that made it so yummy. It’s so good that you will surely crave for more.

Caramel macchiato is the best coffee for people who don’t like coffee because of the taste of milk is stronger. You will enjoy this drink either hot or cold. Try it the next time you feel the need to have some caffeine on your system.

2. Starbucks Famous Frappuccino

This is one of the most popular drinks from Starbucks for you to try. It’s a frozen type of drink with many flavors to choose from. If you need to get stimulated and have a productive day, choose the Frappuccino with coffee base. You can choose mocha, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and many more.

Starbucks frappuccino is a good starting point to have coffee for people who don’t like coffee. It’s like having dessert instead of drinking coffee. You can start with any flavor and decide which will be your favorite.

3. White Chocolate Mocha

Starbucks is the best place to start your coffee habit. They offer a variety of different coffee for people who don’t like coffee. Try the white chocolate mocha blended coffee. You can choose it hot or iced. It’s good for those who don’t like the rich chocolate flavor but still wants to enjoy a creamy drink.

The white chocolate mocha is a good drink even in the middle of the day.  Since you can get it cold as well. It will make you feel refreshed and awake at the same time. This will surely energize you during the sleepy afternoon so that you can continue being productive.

4. Vanilla Latte

You can get the vanilla latte hot or cold depending on your preference. It is a mix of coffee blended to milk and vanilla flavor. It’s hard to resist this drink because of the creamy taste. It’s as if you are having a dessert to boost your day.

Vanilla latte is definitely the coffee for people who don’t like coffee. You will not even notice the coffee from this drink. It’s also best for people who like the milky taste and has the need to boost them for the entire day. It will be good for beginners since you can have a creamy drink that you will enjoy.

5. Cafe Mocha

If you like to have a hot drink in the morning, then cafe mocha will be best for you. It’s a blend of hot chocolate and coffee to make the mocha flavor. It’s also topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup so you can have the rich taste without the strong coffee flavor. This is the coffee for people who don’t like coffee that much.

Cafe mocha also have the iced blend variety so it doesn’t mean that you can’t have it if you are more into cold drinks. It’s the same coffee blend that comes with ice so you can get a quick caffeine fix even during the warm weather. Most coffee shops offers the iced version as well so you can have it anytime.

6. Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts

This is a frozen coffee blended drink that is a good a good alternative from the Starbucks frappuccino. There are so many flavors to choose from. You can try every flavor and decide which one will make it on your list. It’s a delicious way of enjoying coffee even if you are not a coffee lover.

You can grab your coolatta from Dunkin Donuts and pair it up with their famous donuts. It comes in different flavors like mocha, caramel, Oreo and many more. You will surely enjoy coffee without even noticing that you’re drinking it.

7. Chameleon White Russian

This is the most unusual coffee for people who don’t like coffee that made this list. The Chameleon White Russian is a cocktail mix that has coffee ice cubes. You will get a little booze while you get to fix that coffee buzz at the same time with this blend.

It’s another way to enjoy coffee instead of the usual drip. Since it has a bit of alcohol that will make you tipsy while getting your caffeine dose. Who says you cannot get coffee while you’re having a night out? Since it also tastes creamy, you will not even notice that there’s coffee in every shot.


There are so many choices to have coffee for people who don’t like coffee now. Since coffee is the most healthy way to boost your energy, then just go for it. You don’t have to force yourself to have the regular brew if you really don’t like it. Try to find different coffee blends so that you can enjoy the taste of it. Even coffee lovers gets tired of their regular black coffee and try different flavors as well from time to time. So if you’re one of those who don’t like coffee, don’t worry. There are many coffee blends to choose from. That way, you can still boost your senses naturally but avoid the bitter taste at the same time. 

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