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5 Ways To Motivate Yourself


I feel so alone whenever I wake up at night and start writing. Yes, I work at night since I feel more productive when I know that I own the night. Without hearing the noises during daytime, it is the perfect working schedule for me.

But it can get lonely at times since I am left alone with my thoughts. Although it is the most productive time for me, I have to deal with it.

Sounds familiar?

Motivating yourself is not as easy as it sounds. You will feel down most of the times, especially if you work alone. It is one common issues for people who work at home.

Since most of the times, you’re on your own in your home office. It is hard to entertain yourself especially if your job is repetitive. It can get boring but then you have to keep on working.

5 Tips to Motivate Yourself

1. Listen to Music

If you are a writer, it is best to listen to inspirational music. You can have your playlist so that you just need to play it whenever you start working.

It may vary depending on your tasks. But a soft music won’t hurt since you have to concentrate on your job. Music can uplift and inspire you at the same time.

2. Allow Yourself to Access Social Media

I don’t usually open any social media accounts but when it gets really lonely, I check my wall from Facebook. That’s my way to still know what’s up with my friends.

Sometimes I chat with other friends who are also working online. That way, I can get to still talk to someone even virtually. It takes away the stress of working on my own.

3. Decorate Your Workspace

Since it is your home office anyway, you at free to decorate it whichever way you like. Don’t get stuck to the usual office type like you used to have from your job in a company.

Make it fun and colorful if you like. Let your imagination go wild so that you will really feel that you are really free from the usual set up. I usually work in my dining table since I feel more freedom in a long table.

4. Take Time to Read

Sometimes it only takes one good article for you to read to lift your mood up. Try to find motivational quotes or article about working as a freelancer. It can help you cope with loneliness.

There are so many motivational quotes that I personally like from Pinterest. It helps me relate to it and feel inspired afterwards.

5. Change Your Surroundings

It maybe because you have been staying too long inside the house. Most of the work from home people I know tend to even just have their food delivered. They no longer want to even go out for anything.

Spare you sanity and don’t do it in a regular manner. As humans, we still need to go out to enjoy the sunshine. We need to change our surroundings from time to time. You can try working in a co-working spaces or even from the park.


Working at home or being a freelancer is not for everyone. Other people will change their minds and decide to go back to the corporate world without even giving it time to happen.

For those who were able to survive the tough times, Congratulations for making it this far! Just always remember that you are not alone. Seek help with your friends or family right away if you feel sadness creeping in. Always remember the reason why you even chose this path in the first place.

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