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Techniques to Control Your Anger

There are many reasons why people get angry. You can just be laughing at one time and all of a sudden you just lost your temper. Anger is a helpful emotion that signals our brain that what just happened is not alright. It is a negative emotion but you can turn it around in a more positive way.

Patience is one of the hardest values to manage. If you are impatient, most likely you are always angry. You may even be suffering from adulthood tantrums. It feels really bad when you are still experiencing this. But you need to work it out yourself if you want to change the way you react in certain situations.

Do you ever feel anger instantly? It caused by a short temper or impatience. Those are the common reasons why you suddenly burst out. If you are like this, no worries. There are several things that you can do to have a better anger management.

How To Be Less Angry

  • Take a Break

If you feel that anger is already building up, stop right there! Take a break if you are in a conversation so that you don’t just explode. If you know that you have an issue with anger management, it’s better to stop for a while and give it a break. It will also give the other person time to cool down.

Once both of you are less angry, you can start a healthier conversation instead of attacking each other. You can understand them better as well once your mind is no longer clouded by anger.

  • Think Before Talking

When the conversation is already heating up, you will feel it. You know that you are about to get taken over with your anger. Even if you feel that the person is already attacking you with words don’t listen. That will just elevate your anger.

Think of the words you are about to say to make a defense. Don’t just burst out and say all the bad words that you know. Think what will happen if you say what you are thinking. Don’t fall into the trap of saying something that you will regret. Remember, words can cut deeper than a knife. So be careful about what to say.

  • Joke Out of Anger

A good joke is a good ice breaker. If you are almost at your boiling point, think about a joke that can defuse your anger. A good laugh can instantly dissolve anger. You can find something funny about the situation. If you are in a fight with your partner, look how funny an angry person looks like.

  • Think About a Better Way to Express Your Anger

You will notice yourself if you are always angry. It’s not a very nice feeling so you have to find a way to change your attitude. Instead of going on beast mode when something goes wrong, think of what caused it to happen. There is a good reason for everything.

If you easily got ticked, think of a better way to express your anger. Do you really have to shout when you are angry? Remember, you can express your displeasure without raising your voice. Try to talk calmly so that you will get understood.

  • Find a Solution

Stop being angry and find a solution to your issues. Anger won’t solve anything. It’s just a negative emotion that will leave you feeling guilty after it had passed. So instead of getting mad when you didn’t get what you wanted, find a way to get it yourself. Frustrations will just add up to your anger when you keep asking people to do something for you. Do it yourself so that you will get exactly what you wanted or realized that it’s not that easy.

  • Calm Down

It’s hard to calm down when you’re upset. But practice makes perfect. It’s like not panicking when disaster strikes. It’s hard to do that as well but if you do the drill and know what to do when it happens, you will not panic when it actually happens.

Same goes for anger. Practice yourself to calm down when you see something that upsets you. Breather in and breathe out. That will calm your body so that you can think more clearly. Once you have calmed down, you can deal with the issue in a better way.

  • Take a Walk

If the breathing technique doesn’t work for you, take a walk. By getting out from the point where you are about to burst, you can go and control your anger without adding wood to the fire. The change in surroundings will help oxygen to circulate better to your brain to avoid anger easier.

  • Don’t Dwell On It

Have you ever noticed how other people are always happy? It seems that they don’t have any care of the world and it’s true. Sure, they still care but only with important things in their lives. They don’t dwell too much about negative feelings. If you can also try not to dwell on anger, then you can be less angry and can even be a better version of yourself.

  • Forgive and Forget

After getting mad over something, do you still feel hatred? If so, it means that you are still unable to forgive. Don’t let anger and hate to linger. It’s not healthy for you and your relationship. Just forgive the person and yourself. Then forget about it.

  • Get Professional Help

If you are always angry with just about anything, then you should seek help from a professional. Anger management is being controlled by therapy sessions and some medications. You can get yourself checked from adult ADHD or other conditions that causes you to have an uncontrollable anger.


Anger is a natural emotion but it can backfire to your health and well-being. It can cause stress that is bad for you. If you are unable to control your anger, you can even develop heart ailments and hypertension. This can also hurt your relationship with other people. Try being less angry, it should work wonders for you.

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