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How to Create Your Own Online Job

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You have taken the leap in to be a freelancer. But it is already more than a month since you quit the 9-5 and you still cannot find the online job that you can do.

You have tried applying to all the freelancing job boards you know. Yet nobody’s contacting you for an interview or hire you.

Sounds familiar?

If you are an aspiring freelancer, it seems to be really hard to even just get your feet wet into the freelancing industry.

Why is it so hard to get your own client?

I don’t know exactly since the reason may vary. But most of the jobs available form the job boards seems to be so hard to catch. One of the reasons I know is that because there are a lot of very skilled people out there and it’s hard to compete with them.

Most of the articles I read online will tell you to take a course so that you can learn more and have more chances of getting hired. Those courses claimed to turn you into a money-making machine.

But personally, I didn’t sacrifice my career just to be an employee again. That’s not what I’m here for. I want the freedom to do the things that I wanted to do. There’s nothing wrong with having a boss. But wouldn’t it be better if you are your own boss?

So what did I do?

I created my own online job. It’s more of business since I don’t have to apply for those projects over and over again. I send some pitches but once it’s done, I don’t have to do it again when I’m done with one task.

How to Create Your Own Online Job?

First things first. You have to know what are your interest are. It will be hard to get yourself into something that you can no longer do just after a few months. You have to enjoy the job that you will create in order for this to be more than a job. It will be your business and you have to work hard to make this work.

Start your Blog

Most of the bloggers will advise you the same thing. I know, I’ve read a lot of blogs already. But their point is just the same. You can make money from blogging. It is also one of my most powerful tools to get a client to trust me to do content writing for them.

Your blog is your portfolio online since it will give your clients an idea of what you can do for them. They will feel more at ease because you have an online presence. They can find you whenever they need something done.

So how can you start a blog?

First, you have to register your own domain and get your web host. This will give access to the online crowd to find you. You can choose an easy to remember domain or use your own name to make it more personal.

Not confident with your spelling and grammar? Don’t worry, you can just get Grammarly and add it to your browser’s extension. It will correct your sentences in an instant.

Choose An Earning Website

Or you can sign up for everything. That way, you will have more sources of income since these will be your income generating sites. You will have to apply for some of them but there are other websites that you can start working once you verified your email address.

Here are some earning sites that I signed up for. If you sign up, I will be earning a referral bonus from them since they provide that benefit for their members to earn extra for referring new users.

This site offers different micro tasks for its members to work on for extra cash. You can also get paid in Euros from this site. They pay every month so you can keep on doing small tasks and see how much you can make within 30 days of easy tasks.

Do you want to earn by just searching Google? Then you can go ahead and apply as a Search Engine Evaluator with Appen. They also pay each month and they pay in USD like the rest of the earning websites.

Image result for hive work

This is also a microsite where you can just complete a simple task to earn. No need to apply. You just have to sign up and you can start working right away. You have to be very patient since they pay small. But it can be good practice for you.

It is more of an extra income since you will need to qualify for surveys before you can earn. But I have cashed out numerous times from them already since they send out surveys that you can possibly qualify so it’s not a waste of time in your end.

Now, this is a fun website and I enjoy it a lot. You can earn from surveys and task as well from here. The best part is you can earn while playing their games. Yes, you heard me right. It’s not the best games but if you played Candy Crush before, you can live with it. After all, they will pay you by just playing.

How many hours do you spend in front of your computer surfing the net? My normal hours can take up to 12 hours a day. It will not be bad to just sign up with Packet Stream so that it can make you money for doing nothing. Just set it up and leave it running while you do your thing. It will generate an income for you that way.

This is a cool earning site since you don’t have to work for it. Just add it to your browser extension once you have already signed up. Then do your search using Presearch extension to earn. Don’t worry, you can set up your account to still do Google search. You will not feel the difference because you are still using Google for your searches.

If you want to try to make a living with day trading, then better find the best online trading platform. If you sign up from here using my referral, you can get a free $100 trading funds so you can start trading without using your own funds.

If you want to find an online job still, then you can join here. They have a lot of clients all over the world who needs your expertise. Plus it is easier to land a client from here compared to other job boards. Just create an interesting profile so you can stand out from the rest of the applicants.

That’s it! Now you have just created your own online jobs. Once you have set them all up, all you have to do is to start working with them right away. With hard work and perseverance, you will be able to be a certified freelancer in no time!

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