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Accidental Trip to Sisiman Beach, Mariveles, Bataan

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We were just strolling around Mariveles town proper with my youngest daughter, my half brother  and his girlfriend. They accompanied us to look for a place we can stay for awhile while were visiting Bataan. Were planning to stay for a couple of months. It’s  a part of being a Digital Nomad. You go from one place to another. 

For now, I am enjoying moving a lot just around my country. Since the Philippines has a lot of islands to explore, it’s the best place to start. Plus, I have to always bring along my two kids. So going local is the best option for us right now. 

It was a hot day but we were able to find a nice flat to stay. After sealing the deal to the landlord, we left nothing to do. So we do some chow time with those street foods around. We had some egg balls (kwek-kwek), BBQ chicken intestine on a stick (isaw)  and some fried calamares. It was awesome! 

Since Bataan is known for it’s nice beach resorts, we didn’t just stay there. We have decided to visit Sisiman Beach. It’s a public beach but not so many people around. Maybe because it’s not summer yet. 

The tricycle ride from town costs 15Php each. If you want to have it all by yourself, just pay 60Php and you’re off. It takes around 15 minutes to get to Sisiman. You can enjoy the scenery while riding. It has the breeze of being in the province. So you can definitely enjoy if your from the Metro or other cities. 

It’s my first time in this sanctuary since it’s not as commercialized yet as other beach resorts. You can just  rent a cottage for just 100Php for the whole day! There’s also a small store to buy some snacks and drinks. In case you suddenly crave for chips and forgot to bring it yourself. The best part is they didn’t overprice what they sell. 

The first thing that caught my eye is the tall rock formation. It’s very steep but you can climb it if you want to see the peak. Just make sure that you don’t do it after the rain or it will get so slippery. If your not up to climbing, just pose and take a picture. No history taken as per my half brother, he said it’s been there ever since he can remember. 

Another nice thing about Sisiman beach is that you don’t need to rent a cottage if you come as a local. We just set a camp near the white lighthouse. For free! We bought some snacks and drinks with us though since were just planning to stay for not more than 3 hours. We just want to chill while swimming for a bit. 

My daughter Adie enjoyed the most. Knowing kids, they love swimming. So she did not waste anymore time and dip in right away. This beach is unusual though. Instead of the sand, there are a lot of huge rocks from the shore. It wasn’t like the usual beach you can see. So better check it out when you happen to be in the area. 

Overall, the experience we had in Sisiman Beach is extraordinary. It’s fun to visit a place like this that will change your concept about the beach. Since we were so nearby, we are planning to go every now and then. Its a good place to bring along your family and friends. For me, it’s one of a kind. 

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