Top 10 Free SEO Tools to Use to Help You Rank to Search Engines

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SEO tools can help your website to get traffic and reach more audience so that your website can be on the first page of search engines whenever people do their search. It is important to rank on search engines if you want to drive more traffic on your website. Whether you have a blog or an e-commerce website, it will surely help your business to grow.

It will be a good idea if you will get help from an SEO expert since they will be able to make your website get more traffic by incorporating SEO strategies. By investing in this, you can make sure that your business will grow its audience and earn you a loyal audience or customers. An SEO expert specializes with this to ensure that your business will get the ranking it needs through search engines.

If you are a beginner though and looking for some free SEO tools, you can still take advantage of these in order to have your website a little boost to generate traffic. You can use these tools if you want minimal to no investment with SEO that you can incorporate with your website.

Top 10 Free Tools for SEO:

1. Google Analytics

This will help you get helpful analytics data like website visits, demographics, and traffic sources. With all these data, you can make some changes in your strategy so that you can apply which is working for your website.

2. Answer the Public

This tool can provide content marketers what people ask online. It can search how the keyword used in phrases when people use it online. This can provide a better idea of how to write your content that will match what is being asked on forums and other websites as well.

3. Moz Bar

This is a free SEO tool that can be used in the Chrome browser. It will give you easy access to advanced metrics and SERPs so you can see how your website is ranking.

4. SEMrush

This is a good keyword SEO tool that can help you search the keywords that are ranking on the search engines. You can even find out what keyword your competitor is using that is ranking.

5. Keyworddit

This is very easy to use SEO tool that searches subreddits from Reddit. It will extract a lot of keywords and the monthly search volume of those keywords in the US.

6. Woorank

This is a helpful website analyzer to help you improve your website’s SEO. This tool also has a social shareability pane that allows you to see the data on what’s being shared on social media and also from the backlinks.

7. Mobile-Friendly Test

This tool will help your website to be correctly optimized for mobile phones and tablets. It can also suggest helping you improve the mobile-friendliness of your website.

8. Ubersuggest

It is a simple keyword tool that even filters them for you. It can scrape the data from Google’s Keyword Planner that you provide.

9. BrowSEO

This tool will help you see how your website may look on the search engines.

10. Can I Rank

This tool can help you to see if you can rank on the first page from search engines.

Whichever you choose, just remember that SEO is mainly just a strategy for you to rank on the first page of search engines. What still matters the most is your commitment to inform and educate your audience by providing them quality content.

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