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Discovering Pinterest

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“I have decided to update this post since it’s been a long time since I published it. Pinterest did help me a lot over the next months of launching this blog and I want to give further highlight about this website.”

I’ve been ignoring it for a long time now. Little that I know that this site is full of information that I can actually use with my everyday life. Being on the hunt again for making extra money, I need to do research.

I am blogging for a few years now. Although I didn’t even make a dime out of it from my website. Maybe I should take it seriously and focus so that it will drive traffic to my website and people can read my blogs that I’ve been writing. These are the things that I want to share and hopefully, make people feel good or inspired about it.

It seems that it’s not enough for you to keep on writing. Monetizing it is a better idea than to just share your ideas for nothing. After all, it’s actually my goal in writing a blog. Well, aside from sharing the things that I have learned from also another blog or website.

This seems to answer the questions that I have to research on my own. Being a Freelancer is not as easy as it sounds. You have to do your research and learn from it. I am now making a little money online but it’s good than nothing at all from a few years back.

TailWind and Pinterest

Now, this is the best thing to do if you are lazy from creating pins over and over again to add to Pinterest. You can use TailWind so that you can schedule your pinning and it will do it for you automatically!

Isn’t that perfect? They even have other cool features now like the TailWind Tribe and my favorite is the TailWind Smart Loop. This will not only automatically do the pinning but it will do it for the entire year.

Indeed, TailWind and Pinterest is a very good tandem. But another fact is that TailWind is also compatible with Instagram. So if you are running a business from that platform, you can also have both Pinterest and Instagram under one TailWind account.

Marketing your business can be easier with this tool so go ahead and create your TailWind account now! If you are already on Pinterest, you can also pin this article and follow me there.

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