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If you have decided to take the plunge with the blogging industry, you will need to plan ahead.

Blogging is like a game. You need to have a game plan in order to make it grow. The audience will soon come and you will be getting traffic as you go along.

Writing an article can be a drag. If you don’t have a plan on what to write next, you will run out of ideas. You will have a hard time writing your article or worst missed your blog schedule.

It is not enough to just have a blog calendar but also make sure to use it and not to skip this part. It will be your queue when to write content for your blog and having this tool can help you with your blogging journey.

What I realized though is that I should take advantage of the Scheduled Publication feature in WordPress instead to avoid forgetting to post a new article no matter how busy I will be.

I know right? This option is just right here at the tip of my nose yet I still missed taking advantage of it.

Following your blog calendar is a good routine. You can use the Google Calendar option in order for you to be reminded when it is about time to post your article again.

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Scheduled publication, on the other hand, can be a powerful tool if you use it accordingly. You can choose what date and time for your article to get published.

When to use it?

The best time to use it is when you have ideas flooding your head. Don’t wait for your blogging date to arrive before writing it.

Just pre-compose it on your blogging platform. Make all necessary edits before hitting that scheduled publishing button.

Then pick a date when you want that article to come out. My suggestion is, write as many articles as you want while you’re on the roll.

You will never know when you will be out of fresh ideas or topics to write. So might as well write now, publish later.

Both blogging calendar and scheduled publication are important for you to keep up with the blogging world.

Being organized is the key not to be all over the place and panic whenever you need to add an article.

The best advice is to use whatever you are most comfortable in using. After all, having fun while blogging is the best reward than it’s monetary value.

Another additional tip since we are talking about the schedule is the use of TailWind.

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What is TailWind?

This is another blogging tool that you can use to make a scheduled pin to Pinterest. As every blogger should know, Pinterest is a bloggers best friend when it comes into marketing your blog.

You can try TailWind for free and you can upgrade anytime if you like the experience. But I recommend this tool since once you have your pins scheduled, you don’t have to worry about posting with Pinterest anymore every now and then.

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