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If you are a Freelancer and is not located in the United States, getting paid by your client or your online gigs can really become a hassle. Most of the websites can only pay via bank transfer since they are not paying through PayPal.

The Solution

Don’t worry, if you are a Freelancer and happens to be a global user for a website like Appen or any other website that does not accept PayPal, you have an option to use Payoneer instead.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is also a financial company like PayPal who can send and receive payments from all over the world. It can be your e-wallet or you can also order a Payoneer Mastercard even if you are living in another part of the world.


Receive Payments Online

Of course, it’s obvious. The reason you would like to sign up is to receive your payments from a client. Most of the websites are now using Payoneer as a mode of their cash out so it will be convenient if you open a FREE account to them.

Send Payments to Anyone in the World

It works the same as other payment methods. If you have the account, you can send money to anyone as long as they also have a Payoneer account. So it is best to inform them to sign up to Payoneer as well in order for them to receive the money you will send them.

Refer and Earn a Bonus

Recently, they have increased the referral bonus now to $50 when you sign up using a referral link. It works the same way, I get the $50 bonus and you can also get the $50 just for signing up and become a new member. You can just click Payoneer to sign up and it will redirect you their website.

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