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I posted this article on Facebook mindlessly after reading a friend’s post. It reminded me of my own life and struggles. But staying positive amidst all the trials life has to give, I am still standing.

People thinks that you are successful just because you have the money and all those material things in life.…

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We all have rough moments in our lives. No matter how hard you tried to stretch your budget, it seems that it’s just not enough.

Living in the Philippines is getting harder everyday. The average Filipino family can no longer live in a single household income.…

The Blogging Journey

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I started blogging eight years ago when I stumble upon one article that discuss on how it can be a lucrative online business. After all, it is my dream to see my name on an article of a newspaper or magazine when I was a child.…

This post contains referral link. I am just recommending sites that I have already tried and tested. 


Nowadays, almost everybody have a smartphone or a tablet they use everyday. It is more of a necessity already cause aside from the usual call and SMS feature, you can already connect to the internet world.…

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