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Author: cher dayao

I am a Virtual Assistant, a Writer by heart and a full-time Mom/Dad of two wonderful girls.

Make Money from Writing

Being a writer is hard. There are times that you cannot find a client who needs an article from you.

Freelance websites can be a good place to start looking for clients. However, due to the flowing talented freelancers online, getting the project seems to be tougher.…

Time and Money

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Time is the most important commodity in the universe.…

Work at Home In Humanatic

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Making money online is one of my passions for quite a long time. Six years ago, it wasn’t easy to earn real money online. There are a lot of scams all over the internet and it seems that you have to spend rather than make anything from it.…

This post contains referral link. I am just recommending sites that I have already tried and tested. 


Nowadays, almost everybody have a smartphone or a tablet they use everyday. It is more of a necessity already cause aside from the usual call and SMS feature, you can already connect to the internet world.…

Perfect Sideline

Yes, you are employed but it seems like it is never enough every payday. Getting short handed with your budget is a terrible thing that can happen. Not to mention, you have to barrow money from one of your friends or family member.…

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