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How to earn making interesting discussions?

I have been a member of MyLot for 8 years now. It is a paid writing site that can be a good source of passive income. Although it doesn’t pay much, earning extra money wouldn’t hurt. Right?

I actually started writing there along with Triond which is no longer exist in the worldwide web. But those are the first writing sites that gave me some money while practicing with my writing.

It’s not so much but it provides a source of pride that I can possibly earn an income from article writing. Hey, that’s way back 2011 and the internet is not like this before. Now you can just search from Google and you can already see everything.

My journey with MyLot is like an on and off kind of relationship. I am so active in the site at one time. Then I was not able to log back there for a couple of months then I go back again.

But it seems that the community is still the same. They are still warm and welcoming with the newbies as well as for returning members. That’s one thing I like the most with the site. They treat you as if you were never gone and guide you if you are new to the site.

I have learned a lot in there about things in life. The good thing about it is that the discussions you write don’t have to be serious. You can write anything you like as long as it is not offensive or give a negative impact on its members.

I usually rant there whenever I get rejected with my writing projects or even when I am having family issues. Other members will write inspirational articles. Some will share how their day went.

Although sometimes there are new members who are trying to hack their way to earn more, it is taken care of right away. It is, after all, a sharing site.

It will give you a share of the income it generates but it will still depend on your interaction and contribution to the site. Which is just fair since you are having fun while interacting with the members.

As one of the pioneer member’s said, if you want more money, get a job!

Time does go by really fast.

All those years, I have learned a lot of skills already. I’ve been with a lot of companies and jobs as well. But some things are supposed to be a keeper.

One of them is the friendship and things I have learned from that site. I am still trying to be active with MyLot nowadays.

After all, having friends around the world is already a benefit. The cash out from there can also add up with my passive income. So for me, it is a win-win that’s why I am staying.

How to be a MyLot Member?

It’s pretty simple.

1. Just go to their website and click the signup button. They don’t have a referral bonus but it’s just worth sharing this cool community.

2. Once you are directed to the signup page, you can just enter the information that is being asked.

3. Hit on the Submit button in order for them to save up your details.

4. There will be an email confirmation for you to activate your account. Just click on the link to have your email verified.

That’s it! You are now a MyLot member!

Remember, you will be paid based on your interactions to the site. Write a good article for the discussion and introduce yourself.

From there, people will comment on your discussion which you can reply as well in order for you to have an active status and earn some extra cash.

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