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The Blogging Journey

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I started blogging eight years ago when I stumble upon one article that discuss on how it can be a lucrative online business. After all, it is my dream to see my name on an article of a newspaper or magazine when I was a child.

During those times, the world wide web is non-existent yet which makes it hard for writers to express what they feel. If you want an article published, it has to be a news or current events.

Since starting a blog in Word Press is free, I took the plunge and write an article. Niche did not even crossed my mind. All I want to do is to write what’s on my mind and share my thoughts for the world to see. That is my biggest mistake in the blogging industry!

Hey, that was 2011! I have an excuse that I am not yet a writer. This was just a hobby until I have read other blog articles in the past years. Writing can be a business and I can monetize my blog by running ads or promoting affiliate programs in it.

After knowing all those stuff, I still failed to make anything at all. Why? I don’t have enough traffic. People don’t read my articles or they just don’t care about what I have to say. Then I discovered to get noticed, I need to have my own domain and self host my blog.

Problem is, what web hosting should I use? There are a lot of options out there. Most of them though billed annually so it is not affordable anymore especially if you are a hungry writer who just wants to get noticed.

Then I’ve found from one of my google searches. They even run a 10-peso promotional offer for web hosting for one month. I give it a try since I don’t have much to loose anyway. It’s all start of the learning process.

Luckily, I was able to end up with that has a fast and good response helping me out to set up web hosting for my site. I was clueless with all the programming terms but the guide they sent me really helps me out a lot.

Satisfied with their customer service, I have decided to also get my domain registered already and web hosting through them. Browsing their website, I tried to check for domain prices. It was not bad at all!

Since my website has finally picked up some traffic eversince I have it web hosted, I have decided to purchase the domain for one year. They even gave me a free web hosting for the whole year! Yhey for me!

If you want to start and monetize your blog, you can sign up here:


In order to be successful, focus is needed to help you reach your goal. Forget about the money for awhile. The best thing to do is think about what you want to accomplish and how you will present it to the world.

Once your goal is clear, the money will follow. All you have to do is to be more consistent with your actions. Research is a must in order to avoid being clueless. Knowing what to do is the best way to walk through it.

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