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Quit My Job…Now what?

First of all, Congratulations!

Quitting your job is the start of your entrepreneurial career! This is the time when you are open to all the possibilities life has to offer. Don’t limit yourself now that you have made it out of the rat race!

What’s next?

Apply for a Remote Job

Since you just got out of your office-based job, it may be harder for you to just let go of any ties. Don’t worry, a lot of people who came from employment feel that way. Now that you are in the hunt for an online job, it will be best to try getting a remote job.


Get hired by companies and enjoy the benefits the same as having a job out there.

Be trained by them so you can learn how they roll. You need to learn more skills from them to be able to work with your new role.

Expect a higher paycheck ( higher than you made from an office job).


You need to have a powerful computer that can multi-task based on the employer’s requirement.

Have a stable internet connection. Usually, it has to be a Fiber/DSL and wired.

Basically, you need to invest with all these before you can apply for a remote job.

Become a Freelancer

It can mean a lot of things. Depending on your skills, you can find your own client or platform to work for without the binding contract. You can be a Writer, Virtual Assistant or whatever you want to do to make a living.


You can work on the projects you only like.

Work anytime or anywhere without the need for expensive tools.

You can either choose if you would like to be Location Independent or a Digital Nomad.


Not for lazy people.

No work, no pay.

You have to be a self-starter and do not need constant support to do your job. You can try this site to find a freelancing job. GoLance also has a $10 promotion.

Be an Entrepreneur

Having your own business is also a great choice. You can even hire people to do the things you hate. Income is also unlimited.


You are the BOSS!

More sales, more income.

You own your time.


Depending on the business, you will need a good amount of capital to start.

You constantly need to maintain and develop new ideas to earn.

It is way different than being an employee.

So, have you made your choice yet? Remember, the clock is ticking. It will just be a matter of time before you will really have to kick your behind to start working again in order for you to earn money again.

Whatever path you choose, do not forget to always have a backup plan. If a client canceled your services, you will not go deep into depression if you have another client or project to cover up the losses.

Working at home doesn’t mean you are alone. Join some Facebook Groups. It is one of the best platforms where you can have someone to talk to. Social media is not just for bragging your achievements. You can also find some inspiration from there.

Enjoy your new-found freedom and challenge yourself every day. You will be surprised by what you can do just to get by. Be creative and do not limit yourself. At the end of the day, you are the one that holds your destiny. You just have to learn how to surf when the tides change into big waves.

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