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Making Money From Your Blog

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Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Having a blog is hard work if you are planning to earn money out of it. It’s no joke to write new articles for it at least every week. Writer’s block can happen and you can suffer with it in a prolonged time.

But what’s the real meaning of having a blog?

It actually depends on the blogger. For me, I started this blog just to share my knowledge about things in general. I called it The Rich Thinker because it talks about money and other strategies about earning, saving and even freelancing.

For others, which seems to be the majority of bloggers online, having a blog also means business. Monetizing a blog is not just sunshine. You will really have to work for it for several hours every day. Plus you need to be consistent.

How to monetize your blog?

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1. Write your articles

It means a lot of articles! If you have decided to make money out of your blog, you need to be serious about creating new contents for your blog.

2. Choose your domain and web host

Now, these are the things I have missed when I started blogging. If you think that creating your WordPress account an writing an article is enough, think again.

You have to choose a domain that is related to your niche. Then you also have to get the web hosting site that you can afford.

This blog is being run by I chose it because it is affordable yet reliable especially if you were just a newbie in monetizing a blog. If you want to have a good deal with the domain and web hosting service, you can try web hosting site.

3. Find affiliates to promote their products

If your content is not more than 100 articles yet, affiliates can help you out when it comes to monetizing your blog.

“Adsense may not approve you yet due to lack of content or other reasons. “

Having your affiliates can help you out while waiting to be qualified for advertisers to show their ads to your site.

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Here’s the list of some affiliates I am using around this blog:

Super Metrics – It offers a good commission scheme that can be profitable for your blog.

Propeller Ads – They have been in the business for a few years now so you may want to go for a trusted website.

Coin Mama – If you are into cryptocurrency, this is the best affiliate you can market.

FBS Trading – Online trading is getting popular nowadays. Sign up to them and get a $100 bonus to get you started.

4. Write your own e-book

Since you are already writing, why not write your own e-book so that you can sell it over and over again?

Easier said than done right? If you are still waiting for writing inspiration to kick in, just sell e-books of other people instead. No need to write your own. Just promote them instead!

5. Sell An Online Course

Again, you can either make your own course and sell it around your blog. Or better yet, find courses for you to be an affiliate as well so that you can just keep on promoting and earning your commission out of it.

Making money from your blog can be easy with the help of affiliate marketing. Don’t feel bad if you did not make a sale just yet. There are more days to come.

Affiliate marketing is about promotion, promotion, and promotion! If you have what it takes to market your blog, then it is the same as marketing your affiliates already.

There are people out there who are in need of those products or services that you are promoting. Don’t lose hope. Relax. Remember….becoming fabulous takes time!

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