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Make Your Life Easier As a Writer in 2020

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Being a writer is hard work. You have to keep your balance between blogging and your other writing projects. Sure, you are a talented writer. That’s why you are making a living out of writing. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. Many people think that all you have to do is to write something and you will get paid instantly.

Trust me, I know the feeling. I’m sure that you can relate with it as well. People around me seem to think that since I’m working from home, I have all the time in the world. They keep on disturbing me and it’s annoying already. Other people even called me lazy because unlike them, I don’t have to get out of the house to work. 

How to Make Your Life Easier as a Writer in 2020

1. Get The Right Tools

As a freelance writer, you need to have the right tools in order to make sure that your skills will be high-lighted. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. Grammar lapses can attack you when you least anticipated it.

That’s fine. Just make sure to have Grammarly to back you up. You can even download an app on your smartphone since it’s available in both iOS and Android. Just sign up to fix those spelling and grammar issues.

2. Keep It Positive

When the going gets though, you have to be tougher. There maybe times that the “write’s block” can hit you. Don’t worry too much. Sometimes, you just need to get inspired when it seems that you suddenly lose your writing skills. 

In times like this, all you need is to read instead of forcing you to write. I wrote the book, How I Became a Writer that is available on Kindle. You can read my roller roster ride about being a writer. Hopefully, it will inspire you and make you realize how good of a writer you are now.

3. Relax a Little

You’re only human. Being tired is not a sin. It’s normal to feel tired to write because you are tired about everything. Life can sometimes get in the way. Just relax and take your needed rest. It will help you to recharge and be ready to write again.

Maybe you just need to find more inspiration but in a different way. You can read a fiction novel, Intergalactic Exchange Corp from Amazon kindle to escape reality for a bit. It’s a good read and you can definitely leave Earth for a while as you engrossed into reading the chapters.

4. Treat Yourself

Maybe you just need to change your environment. Working from home can be boring. Especially if you have your home office in your own bedroom. Take your laptop and go to a nearby park or cafe. Find your inspiration out there. Sometimes, you just need to go out to breathe some fresh air in order to get ready for action again.

Or maybe you need to already replace your old laptop. There are many laptops for writing purposes on Amazon that you can get under $200. Try to find your fancy. For me, I’m good with just the Chromebook so I can take it when I travel. You can check it out and see what you can find as a gift for all your hard work.

5. Rinse and Repeat

After doing everything in this list, you should feel more energized by now. It may happen again from time to time but don’t worry. Just try to repeat these steps again but next time, have your own version. That way, you will know what will work best for you in case it occurred again.

The cure for writer’s block and being uninspired is usually just reading a book or shopping. You can try eating out as well with positive people only. Avoid those gossipers who are just being envious about what you achieved. They didn’t even deserve your attention.

Final Thoughts

We can’t change other people’s mindset. Same as we don’t owe them an explanation how we live our lives. As long as you are happy with what you’re doing, don’t stop just because they can’t understand it. You are smarter than them since you’ve been there, done that.

Sometimes all it takes for you to feel better is to just sit in front of your computer and start writing. That way, you can take your mind away from those negative thoughts and just keep on making more money. After all, if you live what you’re doing it seems that you’re not working at all.

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