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Holy Week Plans While Earning Money

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For some countries who are celebrating the holy week, it means that it is the perfect time to do some reflection as Christians. Although it looks more commercialized like any other holidays nowadays.

For kids and tired employees, it means VACATION!!!

Since it is a vacation, that means it will be a surefire EXPENSE!

But don’t fret. There are ways that you can get over this long weekend without having to break the bank.

Here are the Holy Week Plans while Earning Money:

Day 1 ( Maudy Thursday)

Since tomorrow will be your first free day, don’t take it as a vacation yet. Treat it as it is your time to do things that you have to do during your day off from work.

Move your laundry day

Mostly it is on Saturdays but do it now so that you can have more free time to do other tasks for Maundy Thursday.

Make an extra income

Just because it is the holy week you will stop earning. Now is the best time for you to make more money aside from your usual job.

Read a book or some articles

Reading can cultivate your mind especially for the things that you are not aware of. Keep yourself busy by upgrading yourself.

Day 2 ( Good Friday)

Today you can still just stay in the house. Since you have done some stuff yesterday, it’s the best time to continue being productive.

Watch DIY channels in YouTube

This can give you an idea on how to do things by yourself so that you no longer have to buy it from someone else. It will help you save money to create it yourself. Plus you can also customize crafts and even sell it online. Extra income!

Listen to podcast

There are a lot of topics that you can listen to. I prefer listening to financial podcasts though. It motivates me to continue my mission to be rich. But you can also listen to other podcast that will interest you so that you don’t have to just watch YouTube or TV all day.

Prepare a lot of food

Not too much but enough for the entire day. This is for your family outing if you are planning to go to the beach or resort. It will save a lot of money than to eat from the resort. Remember to also bring some chips for snack time to avoid purchasing it from an over-priced store. Preparing it the night before will also save you time doing it on the day itself.

Day 3 ( Black Saturday)

Wake up early

Since it is time to go out of town today, it’s better to be on your way early. If you are driving, it will save you time and gas. If you are taking the bus, you might get a better chance of catching it. This will also give you plenty of time enjoying the sun.


The kids will surely enjoy the water. Since you have been productive on the first 2 days, you deserve this relaxing moment!

Day 4 (Easter Sunday)

Time to hunt those Easter eggs today! It’s the last day of your long weekend. Don’t just waste this day on being unproductive. It’s the best time for you to continue looking for more extra income!

Buy & Sell

You can do this on Facebook groups so that you can reach potential customers within your area. That way, you can take advantage of the dropping areas as well so that you don’t have to spend on shipping & handling for orders.

Review Calls or Transcribe

There are websites that pays you from listening to calls to categorize them like Humanatic. You can also try transcribing audio to earn from Transcribe Me. It’s your choice.

Have PayPal Account Ready

You will need a Paypal account so that your clients can pay you easily. Most of the online gigs prefer this method already so make sure you already have one before even starting an online gig.

Get GCash

Having GCash helps me a lot when it comes to my online earnings. You can just download the app and register here:

You can transfer your PayPal money with GCash in order for you to withdraw the funds so that you can physically have your money. They offer cash outs to Cebuana, ML Luillier, etc. Better yet, get your GCash Mastercard so that you can just withdraw funds from there like an ATM.

End Note

Remember that this is still the holy week for us Christians. So make sure to don’t forget the reason for this holiday. Jesus Christ. Aside from the vacation and other activities that we may all have, find time to pray and be grateful for His scarifices for all of us. Happy Easter Everyone!!!

If you have other ideas you want to share, feel free to comment below.

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