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Being Frugal During the Holidays

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The holiday seems to be approaching so fast. It’s the middle of October already. At the end of the month, it will be Halloween. Then the kids will gather up for one night and go trick or treating to the houses again.

After that occasion, November will also just fly out as if it never happens. People will be so busy decorating their homes for Christmas and make sure that their tree is up.

Aside from all the decorations, most Mom’s out there will be planning out what will be their menu for Christmas dinner. It is a big deal here in my country so the Noche Buena feast cannot be missed. Whenever this season comes, it seems that it is also the time when we splurge with a lot of things.

Once the Christmas bonus or the 13th-month pay arrived, we all tend to forget to think about what’s next after the holidays. So before you spend your extra money this year, think again. You have to always be smart with your purchases whether it is the Christmas season or not. Don’t spend it all as fast as you can but try to sit down and create your gift list.

Do you have to give a gift to all your friends and relatives? Maybe it’s time to review your list and cut it shorter this year. Stick with just giving a gift for your closest friends and relatives. It may even be better to just stick within the family.

You can also check for price comparisons online and decide which one to get for them. It pays to start doing your canvas and compare prices so you can make the most out of your money. You can check it with AliExpress as they also have super sales and holiday deals.

Do you have a lot of godchildren? Then include them on the list as we can’t just throw away tradition. But stick with just the small kids’ bracket. Or if you can remember who got a gift from you last year, skip them this year. That way, you can save while still doing your thing as a godparent. For the other children, they can just enjoy your cooking on Christmas Day.

Remember, you still have to live frugal even at this time of the year. Spending never stops as long as we are breathing. (Not even when we’re dead). It’s better to save a portion of your bonus and put it on your savings account. Once it grows, you can already have it invested and just keep on adding to it. That’s for your retirement when you can no longer work.

Extra money doesn’t give you a license to spend on deteriorating things. It means that you already have an extra to start investing or even starting your own business. But if you like to keep on working for the rest of your life then go ahead and spending everything. However, if you want to have a stress free retirement, then think first before withdrawing that cash out from the bank.

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