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A New Year is Coming-2020

I posted this article on Facebook mindlessly after reading a friend’s post. It reminded me of my own life and struggles. But staying positive amidst all the trials life has to give, I am still standing.

People thinks that you are successful just because you have the money and all those material things in life. Haven’t your religion talked about these things are just temporary and you can’t even take it on your time of death? They are just so blinded comparing you to other people just because you f* * ked up with your life.

If you don’t have your own house or a lot of money in the bank doesn’t make you a loser. It makes you human because you made some wrong decisions in life. Those experiences will make you stronger. Unlike pampered individuals who didn’t know what being poor means, you mastered how to deal with it by now. You know that being materialistic doesn’t make you a better person.

Being a survivor will not give you praises from other people. But to others who have the same experiences as you, it’s a big deal. Not everybody can face their fears of not knowing where to turn to. Some just surrender and committed suicide just because other people told them they are ugly. Those shallowness will not even crossed your mind because you are a warrior of life. Nothing will make you lose it because you can do anything.

To all the survivors out there, KEEP ON FIGHTING! Your life might be a major mess right now. But you can always just clean that up and start all over again. Don’t be afraid of starting out if you want to. No matter how other people criticize you, they didn’t matter. Just keep on going and do whatever you want to do. Just don’t give up and keep going!

Best of luck on 2020! This is another year and your chance to redirect your life. Who knows, this year will bring all of us the luck we just needed to have it all?

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