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10 Best Credit Cards of 2020

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Having a credit card has a lot of benefits. Not only it will build up your credit score for future loans but it can also help you to get through rough times. You can use your credit card to do your groceries first. Then just pay it once you get your paycheck.

As simple as it seems, having a credit card can also make your life a living hell if you are not careful. It’s better to check the policy first before signing up. The fees associated to it can go higher depending on your credit score. So better consider a different credit card company that offers lower fees. You can check out Wells Fargo credit card,Bank of America AAAcredit card, Capitol One spark business credit card.

If you are looking for the best credit card that will work best for you, then check out the comparison we have listed for you. Whether you are still a student trying to get your first credit card or a professional who likes to travel or dine out, there is a perfect credit card for you.

10 Best Credit Cards of 2020

1. The Best Overall Credit Card  = Citi Double Cash Card

If you are looking for a credit card that will give you 2% cash back reward, then the Citibank Double Cash Card will be perfect for you. Earn your 1% cash back when you purchase and earn the other 1% when you pay.

2. The Best All-Around Travel Rewards Card = Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Are you a new traveller? Then the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is for you. This is the best beginner travel credit card that you can get. For as low as $95 annual fee, you can earn 2x in both dining and travelling.

3. The Best Airline Rewards Credit Card = Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card

If you often fly with Southwest Airlines, then this credit card is a must have. You can get $75 travel credit every year, upgraded boarding four times a year, 20% back from your inflight purchases and you can earn unlimited points.

4. The Best Card for Travel and Dining = Bank of America Premium Rewards Visa credit card

Since your going to get a credit card anyway, better go for this credit card. You can get unlimited reward points and your points will not expire. 1 point is equivalent to 1 cent so your basically earning cash back for every $1 purchase.

5. The Best Premium Rewards Credit Card = Chase Sapphire Reserve

This is also a travel credit card but this can earn more rewards. It will give you x3 reward points whenever you use it for dining. Get $300 travel credit and 50% more in travel redemption.

6. The Best Student/First Credit Card = Discover it Student Cash Back

For students who needs a good credit card, try this one. There’s no annual fee and you can even get a good grade reward. Plus you can earn 5% cash back rewards and a cash back match.

7. The Best Credit Card for Foreign Travel = Capitol One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

If you travel overseas, then this is the best credit card for you. You can use this credit card abroad and you will not get charged of the foreign transaction fee. Plus you can enjoy it with no annual fee. You can earn unlimited 1.5% cash back and get $150 cash bonus for new members. Just spend $500 within 3 months of the account opening.

8. The Best No Annual Fee Airline Rewards Credit Card = United Travel Bank Card

No annual fee, $150 cash back when you spend a total of $1000 within 3 months. Earn 2% in airline tickets and 1.5% on other purchases.

9. The Best Retailer Credit Card = Target REDcard Credit Card

If you always shop from Target, then this Redcard credit card is for you. Save 5% when you use it from any Target stores.

10. The Best Credit Card For Amex Offers = American Express Cash Magnet Card

This is a cash back credit card where you can earn $150 back when you spend $1,000 within 3 months on your purchases.Earn unlimited 1.5% in every spend.

Final Thoughts

Credit cards are not always bad for you as long as you can manage your spending correctly. It can even provide you more convenience since you can get rewarded for using them. Whether you use it for travel, dining or buying your groceries, there is the right credit card for you. Just choose wisely and earn money while enjoying the benefits a credit card can give you.

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